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Postsecondary Institutions

One purpose of Learning For Change is to support ninth through twelfth grade students as they progress through high school and apply for postsecondary education programs.  This support will be provided by current college students and adults who help high school students to know about the importance of education and training beyond high school so they can become successful as thinkers, workers, and leaders in the Akron community.

There are several types of postsecondary institutions in the United States.  These include universities, liberal arts colleges, community colleges, technical schools, training programs, and institutes.  Each of these institutions has a character that differentiates it from the others in the type of programs offered, the types of jobs for which it prepares students, size, cost, and the relationships students have with their teachers.  Some are public, some private, some propriatory.  Some prepare students for a single specific trade or profession, while others are dedicated to providing a liberal education without emphasis on job-training. 

As they think about pursuing education after they graduate from high school, students should be aware that one type of postsecondary institution may fit their learning style, economic situation, or occupational choice better than others. 

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