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News about Learning to Change activities will be posted to this page as events occur. 
Namaste: A past in Bhutan, a future in Akron
As part of the series titled "Namaste: A past in Bhutan, a future in Akron," M. L. Schultze conducted many interviews with Bhutanese refugees now living in the Akron, Ohio, area.  WKSU-FM created this series to tell about the major changes in people's lives and the overall community of Bhutanese/Nepali people.  You can listen to these interviews by clicking on the following link:


In the picture below, reporter Schultze is interviewing Nirmala Ghimirey about her education in the refugee camps in Nepal, how she is adjusting to life in the United States, and how she is doing as a senior majoring in Biological Sciences at Kent State University. 
M. L. Schultze interviewing Nirmala (Nilam) Ghimirey


Diabetes Health Seminar
October 3, 2015


Learning for Change presented a health seminar on diabetes at the Patterson Park Learning Center in Akron, Ohio, on October 3, 2015.  Over twenty people came to hear Dr. Elina Shakya (a Nepali Physician, Dr. Madhav Bhatta (a Nepali professor of Public Health at Kent State University), and Dr. Terry Kuhn (a retired vice provost and professor from Kent State University who has had insulin-dependent diabetes since 1949)


Speaking to the audience (see photo above), Dr. Madhav Bhatta (see below) provided everyone with an overview of the prevalence of diabetes mellitus around the world. 

Dr. Terry Kuhn told those present about his experience in living with diabetes mellitus for 66 years.  He mentioned the importance of eating habits, medications, exercise, and record keeping.


Dr. Elina Shakya explained how she advises her patients who have diabetes. 

Wrapping up the session, the speakers -- Dr. Bhatta, Dr. Shakya,
and Dr. Kuhn join the program coordinator, Nirlam Ghimirey, to

answer questions and take suggestions for future programs.

Applying for College and Scholarships
January 2, 2016

Video Announcement on You Tube


Nirmala Ghimirey, Coordinator

Dukula Katel, Officer
Manisha Adhakari, Officer
Nilam is explaining about how to apply for college.
Mrs. Johnson, biomedical teacher from
North High School, made
several suggestions about

letters of recommendation.
Dr. Terry Kuhn, center of tables, is adviser for Learning for Change.

BCAA President, Bishnu Subba, is seated in the far corner.
9503          9507

At the end of the session, students wanted to learn more about
how to apply for FAFSA and scholarships.

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