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News: Namaste from WKSU

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Namaste 600
M. L. Schultze, who is the digital editor and an award-winning reporter and analyst at WKSU-FM (89.7 on the FM dial) has produced a series of radio spots about Bhutanese/Neapese refugees living in the Akron area.  These programs aired on WKSU recently and they are still availablee as MP3 files on the www.wksu.org website.   

Following are links to each of the six five-minute programs, with a list of the people interviewed in each story. 



Festivals, fishing, and the world's game of football

Naresh Subba

Ash Maya Subba

Bersha Ghimirey

Mahananda Luitel

Meg Dhimal

Bhakta Ghimirey *Sangan internet radio




Law, order and building trust

Naresh Subba

Captain Sylvia Trundle

Officer Kevin Evans

John Valle

Bharat Bista




Learning language, culture and more

Rachel Tecca

Teacher Catherine Hughes

Deepan Biswa

Nilam Ghimirey

Dee Moore

Mahananda Luitel




Bhutanese resettlement has had a big economic impact

Tika Dhimal

Naresh Subba

Antoine Wilson, job orientation for International Institute of Akron

Elaine Woloshyn, International Institute of Akron, Executive Director

Scott Bailey, baker




North Hill, its history and its newest settlers

Amber Subba

Kevin Evans

Laura DeVitis

Carl Wallace, pastor




How thousands of people arrived in Akron from half a world away

Lai and Indrawoti Rai

Madhu Sharma, immigration attorney with IIA

Naresh Subba

Mary Raitano, IIA resettlement director

Nilam Ghimirey

Elaine Woloshyn



WKSU broadcasts at 89.7 MHz throughout NE Ohio and is affiliated with  National Public Radio (NPR), Public Radio International (PRI), and Kent State University.