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News: Election 2016

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Bhutanese Community Association of Akron, Inc.

The Bhutanese Community Association of Akron, Inc . (BCAA) is an organization formed by people of Bhutanese origin who are resettled in Akron and its neighboring cities (collectively known as Greater Akron) in the state of Ohio in the United States of America.  It is a tax-exempt organization registered under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is organized exclusively for charitable, religious, education, and scientific purposes.

The mission of the BCCA is to educate members regarding common efforts and possible responses to critical needs of the Bhutanese community. By drawing on our collective strengths we will strive towards the consolidation of brotherhood, achieving social harmony and securing happiness. In doing so, we hope to build a vibrant and successful Bhutanese community. In order to meet this lofty goal, the following aims and objectives
have been identified:

● to provide an educational platform for meeting, discussing, and identifying possible solutions of any issues of common interest or concerns which affect directly or indirectly the Bhutanese community,

● to promote mutual understanding and cooperation among the members of the community,

● to preserve and promote the culture and traditions of the Bhutanese community,

● to help build a healthy and mutually respectful relationship with other communities,

● to facilitate and promote the smooth integration of the people of Bhutanese origin in the mainstream of the United States of America,

● to promote public awareness about the Bhutanese community,

● to assist Bhutanese students in attending college or trade schools,

● to promote public and private health education within the Bhutanese community,

● to raise funds through solicitation, donations, and work for projects identified as important by the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron, Inc. Visit the website http://www.bcakron.org for further information on Bhutanese community and the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron, Inc.
BCAA Election 2016

According to the by-laws of the Bhutanese Community Association of Akron, Inc., the BCAA elects its Executive Committee every two years beginning 2010. This election will form a fourth Executive Committee for the term 2016-2018.  Executive Committee consists of six officers and seventeen trustees. Twelve trustees are elected whereas five trustees are appointed by the President in consultation with the Executive Committee.

An Election Committee comprising six members has been formed to conduct the election in a free, fair, transparent, open and democratic manner. The Election Committee members are as follows.
i) Arjun Tamang (330)701-8980
ii) Bhim Dhungana (330)794-3332
iii) Bishnu Rai (Election Chief) (330)431-1168
iv) Hem Rai (330)475-9004
v) Phurba Tamang (234)405-8181
vi) Sudan Rai (330)687-1995

Contact them for any questions you may have on the election.

Election Committee encourages all interested members in the Bhutanese community to file an application for nomination in a post of their choice in the Executive Committee for a two year term 2016-2018.

1. Nomination Procedure

i) File application for nomination for the post of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, or Trustee for the Executive Committee of the Association

ii) Application forms will be made available by October 31, 2016 through November 14, 2016 (noon) 2016 by several means.

a) Nomination forms will be available from the Election Chief, Bishnu Rai Contact info: Phone# (330)431-1168; Email: bishnur77@yahoo.com

b) Nomination forms will be placed at the groceries, restaurants and shops

c) Nomination forms will be emailed at the Akron Bhutanese google group akron_bhutanese@googlegroups.com , that can be downloaded and printed

d) Nomination forms will be made available at the BCAA website www.bcakron.org that can be downloaded and printed

iii) Mail the completed form to the following address
     BCAA Inc.
     P.O. Box 4765
     Akron, OH 44310

2. Publish the initial list of candidates

After verifying the qualification of the candidates according to the bylaws the Election Committee shall publish the initial list of candidates on November 15, 2016. An email of the list will be sent to the Akron Bhutanese google group akron_bhutanese@googlegroups.com and it will also be uploaded at the BCAA website www.bcakron.org

3. Time period to withdraw nomination If candidates decide to withdraw their nomination they can do so by sending an email to the Election Chief by November 21 (9PM), 2016.

4. Publish the final list of candidates

The final list of candidates along with the introduction of each candidate shall be published on November 22, 2016 through the Akron Bhutanese google group akron_bhutanese@googlegroups.com and the BCAA website www.bcakron.org

5. Early voting

As a convenience for voters who cannot make it on the election day, a provision will be made so that they can vote early. Early voters can vote the previous day on December 2, 2016 at the Election Chief’s house from 12 noon to 9 PM. Contact him at (330) 431-1168 or email him at bishnur77@yahoo.com for direction.

6. Election Day

i) Election center, date and time

In order to accommodate and ensure the maximum participation of the growing population of the Bhutanese community in greater Akron this year the election will be held at
     Patterson Park Community Center
     800 Patterson Ave
     Akron, OH 44310

Date & Time: December 3, 2016 from 10 AM - 5 PM

ii) Many voting booths or ballot boxes shall be made available at the election center.

iii) Voters will be given ballots which will have color photos of the candidates indicating the post they are running for. There may be more than one candidate for a post. Voters will vote for only one candidate each for President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer, and twelve for trustees.

iv) Voters shall bring state ID, driver’s license or any legal document proving that they are 18 years or older

v) The counting of the votes will begin promptly after the voting.

vi) All candidates shall be present for vote counting and to congratulate winners

vii) All current officers should be present for vote counting and to congratulate winners

7. Election result

i) Election result will be announced at the election center

ii) Election result will be published through the Akron Bhutanese google group akron_bhutanese@googlegroups.com and the BCAA website www.bcakron.org

8. Transfer of responsibility (handing/taking ceremony)

i) BCAA meeting will be held to transfer responsibilities from current to the newly elected officers on December 11, 2016.

ii) Venue and time will be announced when it is confirmed

iii) Completing officers will give record of accomplishments to the newly elected officers

iv) The outgoing officers will congratulate the newly elected officers and wish them success in their tenure, and the newly elected officers will thank them for their time and effort in successfully leading the Association to this stage.

Election Committee sincerely requests all members of the Bhutanese Community for their active
participation to make this Election 2016 a grand success.

Please check your email box and/or visit BCAA website www.bcakron.org for updates on the election which will be made available from time to time.

Bishnu Rai, Chief, Election Committee 2016
Contact Info:
Ph.# (330)431-1168
Email: bishnur77@yahoo.com
October 31, 2016

Click HERE for Election 2016 Nomination Form

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