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News: Annual Festival - 2016

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BCAA Annual Festival - 2016
Saturday, September 24, 2016
Noon to 5 pm
Cuyahoga Falls High School
Auditorium and Cafeteria
2300 4th Street, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221

This smiliing group of performers entertained an estimated 800 to 1000 people who attended the
Bhutanese Community Association of Akron's Annual Festival 2016 on Saturday, September 24, 2016.
Don Walters    Para Jones    Kyle Kutuchief    Matthew Wilson
Don Walters                             Para Jones                                 Kyle Kutuchief                            Matthew Wilson

Don Walters (Cuyahoga Falls Mayor), Para Jones (Stark State College President), Kyle Kutuchief (Akron Program
Director of the Knight Foundation), and Matthew Wilson (University of Akron Interim President) were the four
speakers at this event.  They gave warm welcomes to the attendees, made them feel at home in the
United States, and talked about the importance of education beyond the high school diploma. 

Food Vendors

Everest Nepali & Indian Restaurant
Nepali Kitchen


American Mortgage Service Company
Asian Services In Action (ASIA)
AxessPointe Community Health
Chase Mortgage Banking
Henna by Dhira
Imagine Leadership Academy
Indian Grocery
International Institute of Akron
PAMGIL Solar Company
Village Discount Outlet
Woven in Exile

2350    2354

pict    pict
Vendors brought products and ideas to the Festival

pict    pict

Volunteers made the day possible

pict    pict
Security were persuasive with friendly smiles

pict    pict
The Talk Table was an opportunity to practice English skills

pict    pict


Nepali Sanskrit Kala Kendra
Himalayan Music Academy
Namaste Band Baja
HOLA Ohio, Akron Mariachi Santa Cecilia, Folkloric Dancers
Greater Akron Hindu Sewa Samittee
Kirat Society of Ohio
Magar Society of Ohio
Hmong Copmmunity of Akron
Arts Sparks Family
Muna Basnet Dancers, Cincinnati
Suruwat Theater
Gurung Society of Akron
Guthee Foundation
Akron Christian Community
Tamang Society of Akron
Nepali Sanskrit Kala Kendra
Los Muchachos Band
pict    pict

pict    pict
The parking lot was full while "Doc" Giltner informed us about solar lighting "off the grid"

pict    pict
Bishnu kept the stage action moving, and President Wilson won everybody's heart with his comments

pict    pict
President Jones greets Dakula, who is her student at SSC                                                                                                         

pict    pict
President Jones inspired students and talked about the advantage of community colleges;
the Mariachi Santa Cecilia band and Folkloric Dancers entertained with a Mexican flavor


pict    pict

pict    pict

pict    pict

pict    pict

pict    pict
The audience stayed attentive because of the excellent technical support crew from CFHS

pict    Pres Jones

pict    pict

pict    pict

pict    pict

pict    pict

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pict    pict
Suruwat theater by Nima Tamang and Group present an original moralistic drama                Henna by Dhira                   

pict    pict
                                                                                                      A false fire alarm meant all had to leave the school

pict    pict

pict    pict

A preview of Bhutanese: The Story was shown.
It is a movie produced by Suraj Subba Nalbo, from Khatmandu,
that tells the story about the history of the
Bhutanese/Nepalese people who have been
resettling in the Akron area

since 2009.

pict    pict

pict    pict

pict    pict

Smiles at the end of the day

A stage show with traditional music and dances, Nepali food, supportive vendors, a "Talk Table"
where cross cultural conversations took place and English was practiced,
an unanticipated fire alarm, a preview of an upcoming movie,
and original moralistic "teaching" drama, and
endless conversations
made this a great

Below is a copy of the announcement and some of the preparatory materials we used to organize today's program:
2016 Flyer

(Scroll to map at bottom of page)

Music and Dance on Stage
BCAA Movie Preview
Nepali Food Available to Purchase
Sales and Information Vendors
and more...


See contacts below for more information

Note: Vendor table+2 chairs are available for $50

Free table + 2 chairs for member vendors and vendors who contribute $500 or more to support the festival

Check-In Desk for Speakers and Information

      Contact:   Nilam Ghimirey
      Phone:     330-203-3564
      Email:       nilam.ghimirey@gmail.com
Media Releases

      Contact:  Terry Kuhn
      Phone:    330-673-1882
      Email:      terrykuhn496@gmail.com

Stage Show (dancers and musicians)

     Contact:   Dhan Rimal
     Phone:     330-785-5230
     Phone:     330-861-4056
     Email:       rimaldhan@yahoo.com


      Contact:   Sha Neopaney
      Phone:     330-310-8367 
      Email:       shaneopaney@yahoo.com

      Contact:   Bishua Subba
      Phone:     330-881-4666
      Email:       bishnuksubba@gmail.com 

      Contact:   Terry Kuhn
      Phone:     330-673-1882
      Email:       terrykuhn496@gmail.com

Cuyahoga Falls High School Floor Plan and Parking
BCAA will be using the Auditorium and the Cafeteria
CFHS Floor Plan
Thank you for your support!