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News: A Day in the BCAA Office

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Many people wonder what goes on in the BCAA office.  This page describes the various meetings that took place on Saturday, May 14. 2016. 

Below Khadga Baniya teaches a citizenship class as Bhakta Ghimire looks on.
Citizenship Class     Citizenship Class
Citizenship Class
While the citizenship class was meeting in the front room of the office, In the back room President Bishnu Subba and Adviser Dil Rimal meet with Ming-Hao Shiao from the Interntional Institute of Akron to talk about ways in which BCAA and IIA might work together to help refugees resettling in the Akron area.  Bhakta Ghimiree joined the meeting and Dhan Rimal were in attendance as was Terry Kuhn (behind the camera).
Officers Meeting     Ming meets with Officers
Bhakta Ghimire     Dhan Rimal
As a follow-up to this meeting, Ming sent an email suggesting potential collaboration for offering citizenship education and classes, possible classroom space at IIA.  She also suggested how BCAA could obtain USCIS education materials, naturalization forms, and information on citizenship through exceptions and accommodations.  Ming was very gracious and BCAA looks forward to working with her in the future.
Following the citizenship class and the meeting with Ming-Hao, the officers gathered to talk with members of the Peace Zone Sporting Club (PZSC) about the upcoming cricket and soccer matches in June and July.  PZSC was seeking a support letter which would help with their fund-raising efforts.  Dr. Kuhn offered to draft such a letter on behalf of BCAA and send it to Bharat Bista. 
Officers and Advisers meet
Naresh Subba, Dil Rimal and Ran Dhoj listen to members of the Peace Zone Sporting Club
It was another busy day in the BCAA Office.  Contact your officers if you have suggestions for the association.